"Art and Garden" Event : A Resounding Success

Mindy Marcus reports on the “Art And Garden” Event on 22nd September 2019, where the Manes Center at the Nassau County Museum of Art teamed with ReWild Long Island to create an incredible day of Children’s illustrations, Storytime readings, Butterfly Workshops, Native Plants Sales and the planting of a Perennial Garden.

ReWild Long Island, a new native plants organization out of Port Washington NY, had an afternoon event at the Manes Center Garden on the Nassau County Fine Art Museum on this beautiful day in September. It was a wonderful event to bring the family to. People were able to pre-order or buy today, native plants and flowers for their gardens.

 The event started at 1pm and still had some people there after 3 pm.

 Upon parking by the noted Rewild Sign, people were directed by Museum Staff to come into the Manes building where inside wonderful pictures dressed the walls.

The room to the left run by Hidur from ReWild, had live butterflies and caterpillars along for viewing of microscope enlargements of wings, storybooks to view and have read. Her daughter Sandra came up with the butterfly craft of a glowing light (with battery).Then it was off to the art room where a lovely art teacher helped to create the wings for the butterfly.

Through the doors into the garden there were members of ReWild selling and sharing information about the  pollinators, butterflies and plants.

Master Gardeners handing out flyers for their upcoming Family Fun Day* on October 5th, 2019 at East Meadow Farm; continuing along the same theme of teaching all about nature, plants and flowers and more. They also assisted with set up, clean up and labeling and dividing plants into separate containers.

The Audubon Society, bird lady * (name) was teaching about birds, showing different eggs, and nest and even sharing decal tattoos for those who wanted.

The children got to hold a live butterfly. It was one of those WOW moments. They also planted a plant, wore some animal decals and have a wonderful time learning about the beauty around them.

We even had a visit from a praying mantis climbing on the wall, and a visit from a real live Butterfly lady Tanya the butterfly wish lady, wishes, wings, and all.

 At the closing of todays activity , one young man named Maxwell Goldman, an entrepreneur in his own right was presented a certificate with the title of Youth Leadership Award in Environmental Conservation and Education. This award recognizes him for his leadership in environmental conservation and activism and acknowledges the importance of his services, actions and assistance with fostering a new generation of environmentally concerned youth. It was presented to him by Hildur * noting how he has been so valuable to our organization in so many ways, with our nature walk and your involvement with the Tree Huggers, you have been making it cool to be a nature lover.

 In a brief interview with Mr. Goldman, I asked, “How did you get involved with  Native Plants and ReWild?”

He replied, I’ve always like the environment since a young age, my grandparents and parents would bring me out and go hiking. A few years ago, I was hiking at the Sands point preserve and I met up with David Jakim, who I’ve known by brushing elbows with before and they were taking a nature walk and invited me to come join us. I then I came with each walk and learned more, as it became more ingrained, I got more involved with other events that they were doing and now I am here. 

 When I asked him how did you get involved with these people who are TreeHuggers (the Students’ Environmental Group at Schreiber High School)? He stated that in ninth grade he had become a member and now currently is the president of this group.

“I do love trees!” he said, “They are definitely,  the unsung heroes of the world.”

 There was a good turn out of people with their children. Schools had been advised and signs were up at the local farm stands. It was a successful, enjoyable event. If you missed this event, come to the Family Fun Fair (ccenassau.edu) to share some more wonder. Check ReWild for future events and as Nassau County has lots to offer check the Museum of Art and Manes Center to add to your list of things to see and do.