Container ReWilding: Angie's Beautiful Backyard

Can you garden with no ground? Most people would be stopped in their tracks by tree roots choking up the back yard and not letting any plants come up. But not Angie Ng. Angie took up gardening to relax and clear her mind. Over time she has added a number of delightful plants in containers, artistically arranged to great effect in her backyard.

I’ve always liked gardening. For over ten years, from the apartment to having my private backyard, I’ve grown a lot of different kinds of, plants, flowers, vegetables, etc. 

Throughout the years, I had a lot of success while failed miserably on many occasions.

But I did not know anything about native plants and pollinators. I was delighted to have met Rewild founders early on. I’ve learned so much from the Rewild community. I renovated my garden this summer. And incorporate many native flowers into my garden design. I was so happy and proud of how my garden came together. 

Many native flowers bloomed this year. And some need more time to develop. I look forward to next spring when the flowers bloom and the bees and butterflies fill my garden.

ReWild Long Island