Cut the Grass! Phlox as an alternative for the median strip ....

Tired of watering, fertilizing, weeding and mowing the grass in the curb strip in front of your house?

 Well here is an amazing alternative: Creeping Phlox (phlox subulata).

Growing only 3-6inches tall, it doesn’t have to be mowed. It is drought tolerant so it doesn’t require watering once established. It is native, and a nectar source for the early spring azure butterfly. It forms a dense mass that chokes out weeds.

It is tough so it can handle being walked on. It’s hardy and will grow in almost any soil. It prefers well drained soil making it a good choice for small slopes. It’s an evergreen, so you will have a green median strip throughout the year!

 And come spring, it is covered with a solid mass of small lilac flowers that makes passers-by stop, stare and smile!

AnneMarie Ansel serves as the Treasurer on the Board of ReWild Long Island. A life-long natural born ReWilder, AnneMarie uses her front yard to teach neighbors about the importance of organic/pollinator/wildlife gardening.

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